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Bright and Busy Fashion Pages

Have you noticed how bright and busy the fashion pages are at the moment ?  Zingy colours, flowery prints, trimmings-a-plenty and a wealth of surface decoration.  Many of our buttons, trimmings and decorative haby can help you get this look !






Green shoots of spring

Quite a few of our newest buttons are in leafy, earthy colours which gives them quite a spring feel. Tap here to take a look.






Intense colours and unusual textures

Intense colours and unusual textures make for exciting interior and fashion design. Enrich your own design projects with some of our newer braids and trimmings.







Full page details

The quickest way to scroll through our range is to click or tap on Full Page Details in the top right hand corner of each page.




Cheer up a dull day

We have some new colourful snap fasteners, Quant-style buckles and bright little buttons, all in vivid colours to brighten up any grey dull day.





Cute as a button

Lively buttons make kids' clothes cute and fun, but they're not particularly easy to find.  It's taken us quite a while to build up our collection. Click here to see what we've found.




Free delivery on all UK orders over £ 45.00 in value

We've been doing our sums and are now pleased to offer free delivery on all United Kingdom orders over £ 45.00 in value. 



Heavier Weight Trimmings for Soft Furnishings

We are often asked for braids and trimmings suitable for soft furnishings and home décor, so we now have a section especially dedicated to these heavier weight trims.





Calling all WI, Craft and Sewing Groups

From time to time we organize open afternoons for sewing groups etc. to come and take a closer look at our ranges. It's a pretty drive out to Barningham, in North Yorkshire. We offer discount on the day, and we end the afternoon with coffee and cake.  If your group would like to visit, then do get in touch and we can arrange a date.





Buttons Making a Fantastic Fashion Statement

The buttons are the making of this Burberry classic.




New additions

When we add new buttons and trimmings to the website, we let customers know by email.  If you would like to be included on this list then just click, write INCLUDE in the subject box and press send. You will then receive our next email note.


Rowan Yarns and Bedecked Haberdashery

Rowan Yarns have a huge reputation for creative hand knit yarns and designs.  We are very proud that for the past five years, the vast majority of buttons used for their knits have been sourced from us here at Bedecked Haberdashery.



Bedecked Haberdashery is aimed at customers ordering trimmings for their own personal use.  Although we have a wide range, we don't keep the depth of stock many trade customers require. That said, we do offer a 15% discount to ALL customers for orders over £135.00 in value.  In order to qualify for this discount, you must email us at before you place your order, so that we can check we have the quantities you require, and to give you your discount code.