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Happy buttons for happy people

Bright and cheerful buttons perk up your clothes and give them a new lease of life.  Just look at some of our chirpy and unusual examples.




Fine shell buttons for delicate items

We have a lovely collection of printed, perforated and engraved shell buttons, mainly from Italy. They are particularly suited to delicate fabrics and knits.  We think they're pretty special.



Button size searcher

Near the top left-hand-side of each button page, we have a small, medium and large button search function, 

All the small buttons are 1.5cm diameter and below.

All the medium buttons are between 1.8cm and 2.2cm diameter

All the large buttons are 2.3cm diameter and above.


Celebrating a ten year affair with Rowan Yarns

Here at Bedecked Haberdashery, we're proud that we've been supplying Rowan Yarns with buttons for their inspirational knitting designs for ten years now.  Rowan tend to choose buttons in natural materials, which give a relaxed warmth to their knitted garments and home accessories.




Search function

We've added a really useful Search Function to the website.  It will be especially helpful for customers looking for buttons recommended by Rowan Yarns.  Just type in the button on their knitting pattern and you should be taken straight to the designated button. Try it out for lots of other search tasks too.



Page Details

You can view larger images and additional colours by clicking 'Full page details' at the top right of each category page.



Lost a button from your kilt jacket ?


Don't worry.  We have Prince Charlie or Argyll kilt jacket buttons in two sizes.  Incidentally, we have some very attractive feather pins too.


Don't forget, we offer a 15% discount code on all orders over £ 100.